Reviews & Testimonials

“I absolutely love these, especially the organic candy line they have. I have been using these bouquets as bribes for potty training my little one. She LOVES them.”

Spring Rayne Paone Author & Raw Food Chef
I gave a Sweetie Blooms bouquet to our office for the Holidays. The Staff and our Clients loved it (and the hunt for chocolates amongst the "flowers"). Three weeks later it still looks colorful and fresh. Why give flowers when you can give Sweetie Blooms. J.D., Vail, CO
I just received my gorgeous sweetie blooms bouquet. It is awesome. I happen to know the owner personally and know that each bouquet is made by hand. They make great gifts for anyone on any occasion. You can choose from a pre-arranged bouquet or have one custom made. There are even organic options! Can't say enough good things about the company and their product.
I got a bouquet from these Sweetie Blooms and just love it. Very creative and stylish. Both my wife and I are really glad we got it and would recommend them for an out of the box type of gift.
I stumbled across their booth at the Women's Expo in Phoenix last weekend. At first glance I thought they were a bit spendy for the candy. However once I looked at how well they were put together, I understood why the cost was a bit higher. I bought a small bouquet for my daughter and she really liked it. I love that even after you take the candy out, it still resembles a bouquet of blooms. I would definitely recommend this product to others.
Jen P
Went into the showroom to order an arrangement for delivery to a dear friend. Met with a warm and genuine staff who wasnt just trying to sell me something pre-arranged (which would of been fine), but asked me questions about what she likes in taste, color, etc. AND asked my budget. Didn't try to sell, but gave me the option of a beautiful custom made arrangement that is perfect! I walked out happier than when I walked in knowing I got a one of a kind for a one of a kind friend! Thank you! I will NEVER go anywhere else or send just flowers again!
Got this sweet and thoughtful coffee mug filled with beautiful and tasty treats from a friend in the mail! With a cute dog mug (which I LOVE) and a sweet tooth, it is the perfect gift. With the classy design I love keeping it on display in the house and walking by for a sweet pick me up
Excellently made product, super friendly staff, enjoyable gift giving experience. I recently sent a Sweetie Blooms diaper cake as a baby shower gift. People LOVED it and were still talking about it months later so now I'm sending a candy bouquet (available on Amazon) to thank a friend. Fun to look at and fun to eat!
Every one of these blooms is hand-made with pure delight; the owner and maker of this incredible product is someone I know well and have watched create these candy flowers. The joy it gives her as she lovingly crafts each component of the sprigs and bouquets clearly infuses each sweet element. The bouquets are for purchase, but the core of each is a gift of love.
Judith Colella Author, "The MacDara Chronicles" and others