What is a Joy-Based Company?

In the words of Taerie herself, “In the many years I’ve been creating candy bouquets, I noticed how much joy all parties involved with the gifting process experienced. It soon became apparent to me that I had a wonderful opportunity to spread joy far and wide. It’s my belief that joy is a powerful remedy to the many stressful and unfortunate feelings so many people experience in our world. This is how the term “Joy-Based Company” came to be. I decided to bring to life the real mission of Sweetie Blooms, where we create your gifts in a joyful atmosphere. Fun, friendship, laughter and consideration for the experience of the gifter and the recipient is always considered as we hand create each portion of every product.  We love what we do and, we light up at the thought of the happy faces our products will inspire.”

What makes Sweetie Blooms different from other candy bouquet companies?

First and foremost, we make sure to create our entire product line in joy-filled, joy-based spaces. We also take time to lightly coat each candy stem with a glossy finish for that extra shine and to prevent the feeling of stickiness that floral tape has. By taking time to get to know each client’s needs, we create arrangements that specifically capture a moment or a person or a season. Our customer service is excellent—with over 40 years of accumulated experience in various customer-oriented fields. Although it was never the plan, Sweetie Blooms has been and still is completely and 100% women-created, -owned, -built, and -operated! However, our major, long-term goal is to create jobs for any- and everyone while maintaining joy-filled spaces.

Do you offer sugar-free options?

No, we do not. After much consideration, we felt that there are far too many controversies involving the adverse health effects of artificial sweeteners. We at Sweetie Blooms care about our clientele and their loved ones. We would rather lose business than risk using a product we don’t believe in. Simply put, if being sugar-free is a necessary part of someone’s health, we’ll be the first to say that candy bouquets may not be the best gifting choice for them. That being said, we do find that a very large portion of people who receive our bouquets never even eat the candy as they do not want to disrupt the aesthetic pleasure of their bouquet; instead, they are used as decor rather than ever being ingested. We also provide an organic candy arrangement option that features Go Organic hard candies and a dark chocolate with 70% cacao through Wei of Chocolate, which may be a better option for those who are looking to eat their arrangements.

What candies can I choose from for bouquets?

We currently offer original milk chocolate Hershey’s Kisses as rosebuds in our classic bouquets. The other candies we use are peppermint wheels, strawberry-filled bonbons, a large assortment of fruit-flavored hard candies in pinwheel or foil-wrapped form, Werther’s Originals, Werther’s Coffee, Werther’s Chews, and Smarties.

Our organic bouquets are currently comprised of Wei of Chocolate’s dark chocolate with 70% cacao and the various hard candy options from ‘Go Organic’.



I have a fundraiser approaching. Do you carry anything we can use?

Yes! We would love to help with your cause! Fundraising products are offered at near-wholesale pricing, dependent on the amount purchased. We create custom products to bring a wonderful price point margin for the organization raising money as well as a fabulous, quality product for the consumer. Just give us a call to find out how we can assist you in your growth and prosperity.

I am looking for wholesale prices. Could you tell me more?

We do offer wholesale pricing (for those who can provide an EIN) as well as bulk discounts! It is our goal to provide wholesale opportunities for retailers, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, department stores, event planners, wedding planners, caterers–anyone who feels their clientele would enjoy our product. Because we create all styles of products (anything from single-stems for local bars to overflowing, one-of-a-kind bouquets for 5-star resorts, and more), we can work together to find a beneficial price point margin that may easily increase revenue for your establishment.

Speaking of pricing, does the listed price include shipping? Taxes?
None of our listed prices include shipping and handling costs. However, taxes are included in the displayed pricing.

How long does it take for me to get my order?

Shipping times may vary slightly. Most bouquets should reach the intended destination between 3 to 5 business days after payment is received. Custom bouquets vary in shipping time due to the longer process involving consultation and agreement of product. Our goal is to have all custom bouquets sent out within 2 weeks of contact.

What can I expect when I receive my order in the mail? What goes into a bouquet?

We go through great means to ensure our product reaches you in the best condition possible. All bouquets may experience some shifting during the shipping process. All of our candy is un-pierced and edible should you choose to do so. In fact, our bouquets are designed to “bloom” as you eat your candy as to keep the aesthetic beauty of your arrangement while you enjoy the “fruits” of our labor. (For blooming directions, please see our Home page.)

Our bouquets vary in candy piece count depending on the arrangement ordered.

Container bouquets include:

  • container: reusable if arrangement is consumed or otherwise relocated
  • clean stones: weight to prevent arrangement from being top-heavy
  • lightly-glued floral foam: to arrange candy stems and silk flowers; simple to remove, if desired
  • assortment of glossed candy stems, silk flower stems (unglossed), and other decoration as is fitting
  • ice pack(s): to protect chocolate from melting during shipping
  • literature: includes directions on how to bloom the rosebuds

Handheld bouquets include:

  • floral sleeve
  • assortment of glossed candy stems, silk flowers, and/or other decorations as is fitting
  • ice pack: to protect chocolate from melting during shipping
  • literature: includes directions on how to bloom the rosebuds