Your Joy-Based Company

Sweetie Blooms is women founded, woman owned, and woman operated candy bouquet & gift company.
Decades of experience has gone into building and perfecting this gifting and decor product and business.  
Some of the motivation behind the Sweetie Blooms dream is creating a wonderful experience for the gift giver as well as the recipient.
Providing a top quality product that everyone can be proud of is always our number one priority.
We love to pass the joy of our candy bouquet creations on to our clients and beyond.
Whether you’re looking for personal gifts, corporate gifts or even hoping to carry our bouquets in your business, try us, and find out for yourself! 

About Taerie

Founder, Owner, Operator, Head Designer

Thrilled to have this Joy-Based Company spread smiles far and wide, Taerie believes it’s a wonderful thing to grow up and play with candy flowers all day long! She knows what a lucky girl she is!
Descended from a long line of entrepreneurs. She is an artistic and creative spirit by nature. These two qualities combine beautifully in the creation of Sweetie Blooms candy bouquets.  After decades of working in customer service, life coaching, and sales, Taerie enjoys doing business by creating wonderful customer and employee / vendor relationships. Her goal, as a business owner, is to create a business that people look forward to dealing with no matter what their role. She loves to offer a wonderful customer experience, job opportunities, and win/win situations with all she encounters.
Personally, Taerie has spent the majority of her 50+ years as a single mother of two. Her sons are now grown and have moved forward in life. She has become one of those silly dog people who lives and breathes for her furry little friends. In her own home she has a beagle named Tao, a Shepherd/Whippet mix named Bella Luna, and two goldfish named Sampson & Delilah. Rather than grandchildren, Taerie is head over heels for her grand-puppies Murphy, Suzie, and Ellie May. They are the little things that keep Taerie’s own life full of joy and smiles.

About Michelle

General Manager, Assistant Designer, Customer Service Head, Candy Spinner

Adoring fur mom, aspiring housewife, and mixed-media artist, Michelle spends a good portion of her time indoors, which lends to her intense excitement and nervousness whenever meeting anybody new. Drawing on her years of self-taught crafting and art experience in various mediums, candy floral arrangements is just the latest in a long line of found loves.

She is still learning what it takes to create a Great arrangement, and she enjoys every moment of it. Her style spans from classic elegance to geek chic and bridges into dark elegance, dipping into her time as a self-styled Goth.

In her spare time, Michelle practices her artistic eye and photography skills by providing a good portion of the product photography for Sweetie Blooms; she stays nimble by running around with her rope-obsessed pup, Suzie, and crocheting into the wee hours of the morn.
Favorite mediums: yarn, paper, wax, canvas, candy, wire, and wood.

Michelle is a major part of what makes Sweetie Blooms run and we are thrilled to have her on board!