Fun Filled February!

Fun Filled February!

The past couple of months have been a lot of work and a lot of fun!

Michelle and I have done several events with our candy bouquets and are currently getting ready to attend a gifting suite for the Oscar Nomanees with Spring Rayne Paone (Noted Author and Raw Food Chef).

We’ve done celebrity events with Spring before and they’re always a good time. Stay tuned for pictures of the celebs with our bouquets and Spring’s products over the next couple of weeks.

What do we create for these special occasions you ask? Good question!

I’m sitting in the Sweetie Blooms shop as I write this coming up with unique designs featuring our all organic line of candies. Recently switching to Wei Of Chocolate for our organic chocolates and expanding our supply from Go Organics hard candy we now have many choices of organic candy! The hardest part for me….Not eating the product! 🙂

The beauty of doing the organic line for the celebrities? Watching their faces when they realize they can have candy bouquets while maintaining their strict dietary lifestyles. Teaming up with Spring is wonderful because we can bring fun, joy and treats to those who often feel like healthy living is serious business.

If you haven’t checked Spring out, I suggest you do so for healthy eating made enjoyable. Her cook books and supplements make life more fun and more vibrant!