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Event Shopping Just Got Easier

Candy Bouquets & Event Shopping Just Got Easier – Get Yours Today!

Sweetie Blooms, home of Elegant Candy Bouquets is excited to announce our wonderful showroom / store in Flagstaff Az.

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Hundreds of pretty hand held candy bouquets, single stems to fill your favorite bud vase and loads of container candy bouquets are here for your shopping pleasure. 

We now have Amazon and Etsy stores for you to purchase from! 

We are diligently stocking and advertising these Sweetie Blooms online stores. 

You’ll find the links below. 

 The past 6 months have been a great deal of work but it’s very much a labor of love for Michelle and myself. 

We look forward to the day we are filling even more orders for people all over the nation on a daily basis.

We are a gifting company is like no other!

Joyful work ethic and distinctive quality set us apart from the usually “store bought” trinket or keepsake. 

It’s been wonderful providing candy bouquets for special events and occasions. 

People are finding our various bouquets fun for party favors and unique home decor. 

This Wednesday, we were thrilled to have Suzanne Adams-Ockrassa from Arizona Daily Sun visit us. It was fun to share what we do, future plans and how we got started. 

The best part of visitors in the shop?  The WOW!!! 

Seeing the reaction when people first encounter all that Sweetie Blooms offers  is truly fulfilling.

The article should be printed in this Sunday’s paper (fingers crossed). 


We hope to see more Arizona locals coming in to check us out. 

As for you who aren’t local, soon we hope to have webcams up. This will allow you to ‘browse’ our store no matter where you are! 

Also look for more live streaming as we prepare for upcoming events. We invite you to join in the fun 🙂 

Remember We offer custom & organic candy bouquets too! 



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Give us a call and allow us to personally serve you 🙂