A picture of Richard kind looking very pleased with his organic Sweetie Blooms candy bouquet (made with dark chocolate and Go Organic hard candies). He is standing with Taerie Gillan, owner-operator of Sweetie Blooms, Your Joyful Gifting Solution. She is also holding an organic bouquet. They are at an Oscar Gifting Suite in Beverly Hills with raw food chef Spring Rayne Paone.

Sweetie Blooms In Hollywood!

 Sweetie Blooms Owner Taerie In Hollywood With Our

Organic Bouquets

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Sweetie Blooms Owner Taerie Gillan with Richard Kind

             Meeting Richard Kind was one of the highlights for me.  

Such a warm and friendly man.

 Fun with our organic bouquets!

Oscar Gifting Suites in Beverley Hills last weekend   

As always, we had a wonderful time working with Raw Food Chef, Spring Rayne Paone.  Decorating her  booth at the Oscars Gifting Suite with our organic bouquets brings fun into healthy, happy eating.

It’s always fun meeting the celebrities!

Seeing their reactions when they receive their Sweetie Blooms Mini Bouquets brings a smile to my face.

I love to watch the child like reactions when they realize the very pretty gift is made from healthy, YUMMY candy.

Variety is the spice of life!

Meeting such a wide variety of people is one of my favorite parts of running Sweetie Blooms.

Beautiful women inside and out!

Deirdre Wagner with her Sweetie Blooms Bouquet.

  Pictured above Deirdre Wagner with  Spring Rayne Paone & Spring’s daughter Sedona.