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Handheld bouquets being created. Tables extend back into the shop covered with professionally sleeved, handheld candy arrangements created from Hershey's Kisses and an assortment of classic candy, such as strawberry bonbons, Werther's original caramel hard candies, and more.

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111 E. Aspen Ave Flagstaff Az 86001

111 E. Aspen Ave Flagstaff Az 86001

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Gifting Greatness Made Easy

Any day can be a celebration, so why not make it one today?

 Sweetie Blooms offer all sizes of candy bouquets as sweet treats and/or unique decor. Our specially wrapped candy stems are designed to “bloom”

so you can choose to enjoy each delectable treat while maintaining the integrity of your lovely gift.

We offer unique wedding favors and birthday gifts as well as table displays to spruce up rooms, offices, corporate events, and other social gatherings.

Imagine never having to choose between visual or actual ‘taste’ ever again!

Redefine your gifting profile this year by letting us create something uniquely you!


To see what candies we offer in our arrangements, please see our FAQ page.

About our Hands-On, Experiential Arrangements

While some choose to not have their candy and eat it too.

All of our Sweetie Blooms arrangements are created with edibility in mind.

To fully enjoy your bouquet, make your candy bloom and share the experience with others!

How to ‘Bloom’ Your Rosebuds

Step 1) Cut a small “x” in the cellophane at the top of the rosebud.
Step 2) Gently squeeze base of the bud where it meets the stem.
Step 3) Pop out your Hershey’s Kisses.
Step 4) Enjoy!

How to ‘Bloom’ Your Hard Candies

Step 1) Untwist the open end of the wrapper.
Step 2) Gently pop out your candy.
Step 3) Enjoy!

Moving the cellophane around will create the appearance that the rosebud has blossomed, which keeps your candy bouquet looking pretty long after you have enjoyed the candy.

What our customers say about us

“When I received my Sweetie Blooms birthday gift basket of pure goodness I could not have felt more loved… It was deliciously fabulous!!!! A gift I will Always remember and treasure the memories!!!!!!! Thank you to my best friend and Sweetie Blooms!!!!! It was surely made with alot of thought and personalization… xoxo”

Delores W.

“I absolutely love these, especially the organic candy line they have. I have been using these bouquets as bribes for potty training my little one. She LOVES them.”

Spring Rayne Paone Author & Raw Food Chef

“Every one of these blooms is hand-made with pure delight; the owner and maker of this incredible product is someone I know well and have watched create these candy flowers. The joy it gives her as she lovingly crafts each component of the sprigs and bouquets clearly infuses each sweet element. The bouquets are for purchase, but the core of each is a gift of love.”

Judith Colella Author, "The MacDara Chronicles" and others
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